Aileen and Tracey’s interest in performing arts started in 2008 when both of their children Lucy and Joe were involved in a professional Pantomime production. This led to Lucy and Joe becoming great friends, and from this began an acting career. During this time Aileen and Tracey spent numerous hours on set chaperoning their children which enabled them to develop a working relationship with TV production companies. ¬† In turn this progressed to both being asked on set as supporting artists on a number of TV projects including Casualty, Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Upstairs Downstairs and Stella.

With the expansion of filming already in Wales and with Pinewood Studios relocating it was suggested to Aileen and Tracey that they should open their own supporting artist agency located in Wales.  Both thought it would be a great idea to provide local people for local jobs and consequently ExtrasCasting was formed.

Aileen and Tracey take great pride in ExtrasCasting offering a personal service and are often on set together with their clients and the production teams.